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With apologies to Nathaniel and The Burt William is not ours.

I have two previous blog posts I want to correct.

  1. My previous post asserting Nathaniel, grandson of immigrant Nathaniel and half-brother to my Joshua, got it wrong when he stated that he believed his name was William, when referring to immigrant Nathaniel's father. My lead that made me draw that conclusion was proven wrong not too long ago. So where does that leave me? We still don't know the name for Nathaniel's father.

  2. I made another post identifying a William living in Donegal 2 1/2 miles south of Burt. The proximity was perfect to be associated with our family, but his age appears wrong as this William still lived on the same land another 20 years after we left Donegal.

However, do not let your heart be troubled. There are always other... possibilities.... I have a guy in Coleraine doing some work for me in Belfast. I have found the Porters northwest of Belfast, which means they are probably in County Antrim across the river from Coleraine too. If the Porters are there... well, I'll just let you decide that. I'm researching papers that have probably never been looked at by anyone, and I'm hoping....

As a result, I've again delayed my book. I'd rather get it right than fast. At this point, I think I may be ready to finalize it by end of July.

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Jennifer N' Joel Webb
Jennifer N' Joel Webb
Jul 12, 2023

Hi cousin! Hope you are well. Do you think you are still on track for end of July? Thanks for all your hard work and diligence!

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