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Sorry young Nathaniel, but I believe you are wrong...

Those at Ewing Family Association (US) and my audience here that are familiar with Margaret Ewing Fife's book "Ewing in Early America", chapter XXIV, and the remark made by Nathaniel Ewing, grandson of Nathaniel Ewing, immigrant and step-brother to 6 other brothers and one sister who came to America in 1727 and settled in Cecil County Maryland,... and he said "I BELIEVE HIS NAME WAS WILLIAM"...

... wait for it....

.... Nathaniel my friend, I'm pretty sure you are wrong.

More to come.... but to those of you who seem to emphasize the Scots Irish traditional naming practices may be pleased if my research is confirmed. I got a guy in Coleraine working on it right now.

Yes I'm still around (though I've been quiet), and still pushing for the most distant reaches of the

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13 déc. 2022

Don't keep us in suspense too long.

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