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The verdict is... we need more people to take the BIG-Y test as it appears I and 3 others are in a "new" branch of the Cecil County bunch. When we say "new", understand that means new insofar as this DNA study goes. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. It's just one way to characterize the analysis of the data.

So, in a nutshell, we need more people who suspect they are in my branch to take the BIG-Y test so we have more information to clarify this branch, actually one of two branches of the same B5 group. So, we could be negative about it and say that BIG-Y didn't tell us nuttin'. Or we can be positive about it, not abandon ship yet, get more tests in, and let's find out all we can about these branches!

So, below are the initial findings from DG Ewing. Understand what he is saying. We still don't have enough DNA evidence to say conclusively that William (m Hannah Whaley) was indeed the son of Captain Patrick, but on the other hand, it doesn't say that we're wrong either. I've been through this before. I'm willing to stick this thing out and learn what is learnable. I ask that you be patient, and if you believe you are from the same Cecil County MD bunch, especially those named by DG below, please get the BIG-Y test.

I would correct one item. DG seems to be thinking that we are asserting we are from William Son of Joshua. I believe we are from William son of Captain Patrick, son of Joshua, son of WIB (William "I Believe", a reference to Joshua's step-grandnephew saying that "I believe his name was William" in trying to remember the father of Joshua, Nathaniel, and other brothers.

From DG Ewing:


A quick update wrt the Big Y SNP findings:

We have received 3 test results in the past couple of weeks :

a. JR3 (Jennifer's GF)

b. ST --Stewart who has awesome website...visit and leave a note

c. and Walley Gator....known by most as the "Major"

What is most curious about these three, they are all in the same Family Group B5!!

And they collectively have identified two new Family Branches (the level below Group)



Family Group

Family Branch

Family Line

Family (last 3 gens)

  1. Family Branch: B5.4 William of Georgia {Fife Tribe} m Hannah Wha(t)ley -- Members : Jimmie R (Jennifer) and Stewart

  2. Family Branch: B5.2 Alexander of Ashford -- Members: Beth, Karen, Jane, Walley, John Allen et al.

Now for the good and bad news:

A. Good news:

  1. We have two new confirmed Family Branches identified.

  2. You may know that Stewart is one of our premier and avid Ewing researchers and he believes that William of Georgia (Fife's ancestor--Grp 2c) is actually a descendant of one of the sons (Joshua) of William "I believe" the progenitor of Group 2a. The good news is that the latest Big Y results do not contradict his thinking.

B. The bad news:

  1. The Big Y results do not provide strong evidence that Stewart's belief is valid....!!

  2. TNS believes that he is also a descent of WIB's son Joshua, as does Jennifer who is confirmed match with Stewart with the Most recent common ancestor being William of Georgia. BUT, the only known shared SNP between TNS, Stewart and JR3(Jennifer) is also shared with everyone else in Family Group B5, which make that SNP much further upstream. We expect that we will have a SNP for every Family Branch and that if found we would not have more than a few generations between mutations....roughly....

    1. So my current thinking is that due the "randomness" of all DNA testing....{not every one of the 60 million base pairs--positions- is tested and some that are tested do not provide quality "reads"} we just have not found the Family marker for WIB, his son, or his grandson, but we have found his Great grand Son's (if Jennifer and Stewarts genealogy is valid).

    2. and/or William of Georgia is not the Grandson of WIB.

So, what would help is a gaggle of the folks in Group 2a to get the Big Y ; especially WR, WW, JW. And the remaining 2c folks to get the Big Y: RD2, RF and SA.

More later



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