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  1. A researcher contacted me pointing out a discrepancy in an assumption that Ewing researchers (myself, MEF, and Jim McMichael included) have missed for decades. That is that it is possible, even probable, that the wife of Joshua Ewing (father to Captain Patrick) was NOT Jean/Jane Patton, daughter of Robert Patton. The logic is that at the time of Robert's final will where he mentions his daughter Jean and later Son-in-law Joshua Ewing, Joshua was already dead 2 years prior, meaning either Robert was NOT of sound mind at the time of writing his will, or that Joshua's first wife Jane had a different last name. I've done a cursory check of Gillespies as that is a name that has come up before, but all the Jane Gillespies of that time were taken as best as I can find. This researcher postulated that perhaps it was Jane Porter, but if that were the case then there is a high possibility of a problem because Joshua's son Captain Patrick had a first wife who was Jane Porter. But the mystery is a valid one. Who was the "Jane" that married Joshua?

  2. Ireland:

    1. James Porter's Cumberland County PA deed says he was from Coleraine. Other indications were that the Porters came over with us, along with the Caldwells and Gillespies, probably in Dec 1727. I am looking in Coleraine, nearby Anterim, and west to Londonderry. I find Nathaniel (half-brother to my Joshua and others) with his wife Rachel Porter in Templemore, Londonderry, along with other Porters. This is 21+ miles to the west of Coleraine. Not that much of a stretch... a hard day's ride or two day's walk, but odd that James Porter documented so firmly that he was from Coleraine when his relatives were from Templemore, close to the Burt Congregation. So why the discrepancy? I may have some answers in "b" below. History seems have served as quite a motivator for where people were located during this time. Also,I have not yet really dug into churches in Anterim, nor have I looked at some rather unorthodox sources that I've thought about which might be a real breakthrough if they pan out, so I may yet unravel this mystery with some persistence.

    2. What is the background of history surrounding Coleraine and Londonderry in the times that I believe we were there? I've already done a good bit of background work on this, and already have some pretty amazing findings that will eventually make it into our story.

    3. Who was the father of Nathaniel the half-brother (b abt 1693), John (b abt 1695), William (b abt 1700), Joshua (mine, b abt 1704), Samuel (b abt 1705), Ann (b abt 1707), James (b abt 1712), and George (b abt 1715)? Jim McMichael has some tremendous insight into this debate in "Chapter 5, Descendants of William Ewing" of his book found on the EFA site. I have also read through Ewing researcher Deirdre Speer that was contracted by the EFA to find this elusive William and the sons and daughter mentioned above, and there is no firm conclusion there... only more questions. I've also been in touch with and read through all the research materials of John Harrison, foremost authority on Stirling Scotland, and his research into the Ewings was abundant but inconclusive. So, I'm digging, hoping to find something others have missed. A lot of new information has come online since Jim McMichael and others did work here. So I'm hopeful. Stay tuned!

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Aug 01, 2021

Thanks Steve for your contribution to the Ewing research world. Awesome job.

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