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New Article and Progress on book writing/editing

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Hi folks, I recently wrote an article for the Ewing Family Association Journal about Brigadier General James Ewing of the Old Hunterdon County line (not mine) and the Battle of Trenton. I won't bore you with the detail here as I cover it all in the Article. Because I'm aware there are folks who don't get that Journal (you should really join EFA if you can and get the Journal), I've posted a copy in the "stories" section of this website.

You may see some shuffling around on the "stories" section of the website. I'm getting the site ready to publish many articles and writings by my father, Thomas. H. Ewing. If you are a fan of WW2 stories, and especially for Gwinnett County veterans, you'll want to take a look once I post them.

As you know I'm using all this as a way to prepare my material for a book. I'm making progress. I've roughed out the first 3 chapters, and I'm accumulating my source documents for proper citations, footnotes, bibliography, and possibly index.

Oh.... and yes I'm still digging in Northern Ireland and Scotland. - Stewart

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