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AncestryDNA, New generation Info, and coming soon...

Years ago I did a FamilytreeDNA test and have since upgraded it a couple of times. I finally got around to sending in my AncestryDNA test and expect results back by Tuesday Sept 17. I've entered my basic lineage into so that there should be a decent opportunity for matches and enquiries. By the end of year I plan to have my AncestryDNA converted to some other systems as well. The Ewings of Gwinnett will finally be on everyone's radar.

By the way, I'm putting in the next generation, John Tyler Ewing, and some of his father, Samuel Jones Ewing, this coming weekend. I have a lot on both so be patient. After that, things start getting... different. It will be apparent why this time in our history was such a challenge, but I hope you'll find that it is well researched and solid.

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