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The wait is over... sort of...

I have lots of information to dump out on the site, and therefore much to type up and/or upload, and then refine and polish it.

But starting TODAY, you will want to click on the "Family Tree Overview" link at the top of the page. You will see a chart that displays our lineage.

Now hover over the green box that says "Thomas Kelly "TK" Ewing" and click. It will take you to a page that displays about half the information I have on my Grandpa Ewing and Granny and the family at the farm on Webb Gin House road.

Now click on the menu item at the top to take you back to "Family Tree Overview", and it'll take you back.

CLEARLY there is information missing. I'm still typing up the details, but yes I have the details all the way back.

SO WHAT LEVEL OF DETAILS DO I HAVE? If you want it, I probably have it, but it will take a while to get it all out here.

I have the entire repositories from my father, Margaret Ewing Fife, other Ewing genealogists you probably don't know, census, tax, legal, land records from all over the country, and the relevant files from the Ewing Family Association (formerly Clan Ewing of America). All this is contained in massive file cabinets, shelves, notebooks, hard-back books, thousands of documents and images. I have it all, and I plan to roll out our direct lineage information first, a generation every two weeks or sooner. My roll-out schedule is as follows:

  • Aug 12 - Thomas Kelly Ewing (will complete this week)

  • Aug 26 - John Tyler Ewing

  • Sep 9 - Sam Jones Ewing (Corporal, Army of Northern Virginia)

  • Sep 23 - Thomas Ewing

  • Oct 7 - William Ewing (Now we get serious! My friends at EFA will be most interested in this)

  • Oct 21 - Patrick Ewing (Colonial Captain, American Revolution)

  • Nov 4 - Joshua Ewing (the immigrant)

  • Nov 18 - William Ewing (of Stirling)

  • Dec 2 - Any remaining stories or details

Then I'm going to go through each generation and add sibling information. Along the way I'll be adding photos, databases, source documents, references, notes, multimedia interviews, and other information until pretty much everything I have in my possession related to our family is on this site.

Then I have an additional duty to perform. In years past, my Margaret Fife, my father, and I spent a great deal of time researching other Ewing families that we thought were our ancestors. Well, DNA disproved all that, but I at least as much on those families as I have on ours. And I owe something to those families to make sure this information that I alone have is not lost, but made available.

Also there are stories. My Dad wrote short stories in the past, and I wrote some too, and I have a hunch that more are coming from both sources. I also want to invite you that have memories you want to ensure are not forgotten to try your hand at writing. If you want to contact me at, I'll be glad to take a look at it, make suggestions, and even publish stories about the family to ensure our memories are preserved.

So, ENJOY! But be patient. TONS more information is coming very soon!

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