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Going fishing in the Cecil County MD area for William Ewing (who married Hannah Whaley)

Going to Cecil Co MD, Chester Co PA, Philly, and Annapolis MD in mid-March to work on the conventional research of William Ewing (b 1768 or 1770 depending on whose research you believe, m Hannah Whaley, and was found paying taxes on land in Jackson Co GA in 1802). As it is apparent (yet not proven) that this William is possibly the long-lost ("Went West") William, son of Captain Patrick based on yDNA analysis, I hope to find something along the way that links him to a path that leads to Georgia from Cecil Co.

  • I know that there are others that claim William ended up in Lee Co VA, or KY, or eastern TN, or even MO. I'm not so certain.

  • I'm also aware of the skepticism about ever founding this William and where he fits, given the rampant confusion between the Ewing families in northern MD and Chester/Cumberland CO PA. After the fatal errors in the MEF research on her own line, I'm hopeful that with the support of the yDNA evidence we are finally on the right track here.

If I'm successful over time, I intend to make some significant contributions both here and in the EFA Journal, as well as a stand-alone work to rebut selected chapters of the MEF book "Ewing in Early America".

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