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Things I'm working on...

1. I have published family-tree at-a-glance that shows only the line that my research is focused. It starts with my Great-grandfather John Tyler Ewing and works its way back as far as we can prove. At each generation I mention siblings for the benefit of those researchers of our family cousins.

2. I have created a page (currently empty) which I plan to create an interactive map tool which operates over a span of history and pinpoints the location our ancestor's residence. Throughout the span of time each map will also track the location of closed indian land and significant landmarks. I'm doing this because I think it will be cool to see it, but I'm also doing it as a research exercise to identify correlations between our ancestor's migration patterns with events in American History.

3. Late tonight I heard from Karen Avery, the Ewing Family Association (formerly Clan Ewing of America) staff genealogist regarding my request for clarification on assertions in their November 2015 journal that William Ewing (m. Hannah Whaley) is the son of "Captain" Patrick Ewing of Cecil County, MD. Karen related that conventional evidence of this link is minimal at this point, and that indeed it was the cooperative y-DNA evidence from so many participants in the FamilyTreeDNA/Ewing project that has provided the most evidence. To manage expectations, I believe that this assertion certainly has merit given previous research performed by Colonel William A. Ewing (1897), Elbert William R. Ewing (1922), and Margaret Ewing Fife, but there are unanswered questions and concerns. My own DNA breakdown absolutely points our family in the same family group as this Patrick, but we shall see how this unfolds.


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