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The chart below shows our family in the generations from my Great-Grandfather John Tyler Ewing all the way back to William Ewing, Sr., who is the first of our family to move to Georgia in 1802.  Over the remainder of 2019, each name will be an active link that will provide details on each generation.

New Fam Chart.jpg
1940's (cropped).JPG
1920's John (Cropped).JPG
1920's Effie Nash Ewing (cropped).JPG
Safronia Glaze White Ewing 2nd wife (cro

Present Details Confirmed:

  • "Captain" Patrick Ewing (ARW, thought to be commisary for Washington's army), b 1737 d 1819 - Cecil County MD, m1 Jane Porter (b 1739 d 26 Sep 1784), m2 Elizabeth Porter (Jane's sister, b 20 Jan 1750 d 11 Mar 1819), our William given in birth in 1770 by Patrick and Elizabeth. (Ref. Fife, Chapter XXV, page 201-208)

  • Joshua Ewing, b 1704 d 1753 - Cecil County MD, m Jane.Jean Patton, (Ref. Fife, Chapter XXIV, page 186-188)

  • William (heresay) Ewing, m1 birthed Nathaniel, m2 birthed Joshua, Samuel, William, James, George, Ann, and John.... All born in Coleraine, Londonderry County, Ireland, all emigrated to America in 1727.

  • There is a possibility that this William (heresay) Ewing was born around 1655 in the area of Stirling Castle, Scotland.  Once I complete my present research, this will be my next task to nail down.

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